The Aaron Hernandez Murder

Description of the Crime: On June 14, 2014, then-professional football player for the New England Patriots Aaron Hernandez was in a local bar in Boston called Rumor. Hernandez spotted his 27 year-old "friend" in the club, Odin Lloyd, talked to some people he "had troubles with." This soon escalated as just two days later, Hernandez and two other men successfully planned and executed the murder of what was found out to be their marijuana dealer: Odin Lloyd. Lloyd was said to take a break from his job from 3 to 3:30 A.M., and around 3:15 A.M., gunshots echoed through South Boston as Aaron Hernandez murdered him. He was found guilty April 15, 2015.

Description of the mystery to be solved in my story: In my story, the mystery I will be telling is behind all of this Hollywood drama with a superstar NFL player being involved in a murder, how will the reader figure who committed the crime (whether it was actually Aaron Hernandez) and why he committed this crime. In other words, the reader will be looking for the motive and opportunity of the three key details.

Description of the Victim and the Suspect(s): In this case, the obvious main suspect is Aaron Hernandez, though I will attempt to have the narrator not lean towards making Aaron the leading suspect to add more suspense. Other suspects include Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace, of whom were with Hernandez on the night of the murder and were exchanging texts with him. The victim of the story is obviously Odin Lloyd, the 27 year-old marijuana dealer for the three men.

List of Evidence to be Included in my Story: gun Hernandez used with .22 caliber ammunition, scale and dish, iPhone of Aaron Hernandez, $64.75 in cash in Lloyd's pocket, text messages sent between Hernandez and the other 2 men, marijuana blunt found by Lloyd's body, size 13 white Nike sneakers.

A proposed narrator: Assistant detective Mr. Joseph Young. This is a made up character who could act alongside his made up head detective Inspector James. Young and James would be the first on the crime scene, and narrating out of Young's eyes will be similar to Watson's view in the Sherlock Holmes series, as James will be the Holmes or Poirot in the story. This will make for a more interesting read to connect with the reader.

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