Brady M. Blowers S&E Marketing Final

Movie Poster Evaluation: Wolverine

The Wolverine movie poster draws immediate attention to itself based off of the well known actor Hugh Jackman and the action scene taking place on this poster. It portrays anger and despair by having mostly negative colors as the base background colors which really illuminates the main focus of the poster, Wolverine. The title is bold but doesn't take up more then a fourth of the paper. Its an effective strategy because it allows the audience to understand more of what the movie is about by having the main focus of the poster being Wolverine on his knees, but is still a large enough text for people to glance down and not have to search for the title. The background gives the audience the idea that the climax of the movie will be taking place in a large city, and possibly in the fall because of the rain and dark colors making it look cold. Having Hugh Jackman posing on his knees but still in a powerful stance makes you think that throughout the movie Wolverine may be struggling more than usual, but is still fighting for something he loves. Obviously the Wolverine will be angry throughout the movie, because that is just the type of character he is. Not only is it a highly talked about film and a well known series, but it will be advertised even more because they have a link for people to use on Twitter, they have a website you can go to if you want to learn more about the movie, and it will be in 3D.

Movie Trailer Evaluation: 300 Rise of the Empire

In the first 30 seconds of this movie trailer their is a clip shown from the first film to remind the audience what had happened to the Spartan warriors, and if someone hadn't seen the first film they now know how gruesome of a death the first 300 warriors had. Throughout the trailer there is a haze like atmosphere and all of the scenes have a darker feeling to them. The only thing that sticks out is all of the red blood from the battles being fought. Once the music starts to build up the scenes start to be shown faster and more action is happening which is building up to the climax of the movie, but then the music stops and the action stops leaving the audience at a suspense. Throughout the trailer it also introduces some of the main characters you will see throughout the film. The main theme of the trailer would be vengeance and inspiration. The 300 Spartans are coming back to fight for the loss of the first warriors that gave their life in battle.

Top Three Marketing Strategies for Movie Marketers

The first strategy a movie marketer should use to advertise a film that is about to be released is social media. Social media has gotten pretty big in the last ten years and is the main way people interact on a day to day basis. This strategy would be highly effective if the audience that the marketers are trying to get is teenagers/young adults, because social media sites are mainly used by this age group. Most social media sites will help you promote a movie or allow an advertisement to be on the home screen of that website, which is a great way for people to notice the new film being released. This method makes it very easy for information about the film to be posted, social media can make information spread very fast and very easily.

The second strategy a movie marketer should use to advertise a film is TV commercials. Our society has made it that if you do not have at least one television in your household, then you are out of date and not connected to the world we live in today. Everybody comes home after work or school, sits on the couch because they just want to relax and turn on the TV. Even though some TV networks have a feature that allows you to skip commercials, their is still a chance that most people can't skip commercials and will eventually see the advertisement while watching an episode of something. And even if you don't watch TV, there is the chance that you might watch TV episodes on other websites such as Hulu. On these sites the commercials are still during the episodes and can't be skipped, so the person will have to watch the commercial no matter what.

The third strategy a movie marketer should use to advertise a film that is about to be released is billboard advertising. On the way to work or school on a major highway there are always billboards advertising something. It doesn't matter what the item is on the board, you are bound to look at it at least once throughout the month or two that it is up there. This isn't the greatest way to get a movie out to the public because nobody can read a lot of information while driving, but it does give people the knowledge that a new film has just been released.

Changes in today's Television

The main change in television today is the way it is advertised to people, whether it be a promotion of a new episode coming out or a new movie just released on TV. Usually there would just be commercials about the new episodes coming out but the main way episodes are advertised now is on social media. Not only are their advertisements but there are also interactions with the cast and actors of that television show. Pretty soon we will get to live chat sessions one on one with the cast and actors of the shows. They still advertise with commercials but mainly depend on the social media websites. People don't want commercials so they just skip over them, which causes a large problem for movie marketers. Since that is the main problem, they highly depend on social media websites to help promote whatever they need to be advertised.

Amusement/Theme Parks

If I were to own a theme park and try to make it attract more people than other parks these would be the main things that would be promoted: billboards, social media, and TV commercials. There would be billboards everywhere, anywhere and everywhere especially on major highways. On these billboards would be a picture of the park and promo codes to get a discount on the ticket price, but it really wouldn't be a discount because the ticket price would be higher than usual. On social media there would be weekly posts on Facebook and Twitter displaying new discounts and promo codes. Also have Saturday be buy one ticket get one half off. The people would be able to buy these tickets off of the media websites or there would be a direct link to the parks official website. On the TV commercials there would be a five second commercial that would shock the audience and make them want to know more about the park. Since the commercial grabs there attention, another commercial would have a link to a website on it so the people watching the commercial would know where to go to get information.

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