Strep Throat


It is a disease by a tiny ball in your throat that is called Bacteria.These Bacteria cause up to 30% of all sore throat are found in your throat and on your skin.If a kid has strep throat ,and the doctor will give him or her a special medicine called antibiotic which will kill the strep bacteria.


* A red throat                    *Swollen tonsils                  *White or yellow spots on your tonsils  *Small red spots on the roof of your roof


If someone at your school or in your family it can spread to you or someone else. Strep throat is spread when healthy people come into contact with someone who has it.The bacteria can spread if ypu share a fork or something like that.


If you have strep throat go to your doctor and they will give you a medicine called antibiotic. They will make sure all of the bacteria will leave your body.


The person who has it should cover there mouth with a towel or a rag or anything that will protet your mouth and not to use any items that might contain germs.