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In daoism, the people believe that nature is full of opposties, such as, black and white. "True harmony comes from balamcing the opposite forces of nature, called ying and yang." The symbol means you can't have good without bad. Yin mans "shaded and Yang means "lighted". "It is impossible to have good without bad, beauty without ugliness, or pleasure without pain." It is impossible to have good without bad , anywhere, according to their philosophy. To have good in your life, you must have bad to equal it out. The yin and yang were important to daoist because it reminded them that their muist be bad to have good.


Laozi was the philospher of Daoism. "Laozi was said to be the author of a work called the 'Dao De Jing'." The Dao De Jing was a differnt title for a piece called "The classic of its way and its power." Laozi was said to be a real man who worked as the adviser to the Zohu court for many years. "When he was 90 years old, he tired of goverment work and decided to leave China." A guard was upset when he heard that the great master has retired and so he asked for Laozi to record his thoughts before leaving. With that request, Laozi sat down and recorded all his thoughts. From that, the Dao De Jing was written.


Daoism was influenced by 2 important things. " Daoism encouraged ruklers to govern less harshly." Governing less harshly would enbale people to trust their ruler and give them more respect. Also Daoist would live a longer life because they wouldnt have the pressure of the leader telling them that theyre not good enough. "But Daoism's more important influence was on Chinese thought, writing, and art." The more impotant one affected the people od Daoism. This affect was on their culture, their way of life. Daoism was influenced by the way they rule and the affect on their lifes.

Finding Yourself

In Daosim, you must respect and take care of yourself.  "The daoist belived that everyone must discover the Dao for themselves." The Daoist people believe in caring and protecting themselves because they must find their own Dao so they can live a happy life. They cannot depend on other people to be responsible for their way of life, therfor they must find it themselves. "Too many laws and socials rules conflict the way of living naturaly and follwong the Dao." Too many important people interfer with the finding of the Dao. With too many people interfering, it makes life harder on the Daoist lives that they're interferring with. To find yourselve in Daoism, you must do it alone.  

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