Rigel Beta Orionis

Origination & Location

The blue-white star Rigel is the brightest star in the constellation of Orion, and is the seventh brightest star in the sky. Rigel is also know for its bayer designation Beta Orionis. A bayer designation is a designation of a Greek letter to a specific star followed by its constellations Latin name. Rigel is located at the bottom right of Orions left leg.


The surface temperature of Rigel is 11,00k or 19,000F. Considering all of its radiation, Rigel is 66,000 times more powerful than the sun. The radius of Rigel is 54,250,000km and is 17 times more in mass, and 70 times the width of our sun. Rigel is 772.9 light years away from Earth, and the sun is 149,600,000 km away from earth.

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