Cultural Distinctions from South vs North America

Americans are customs to handshake sometimes ahead not when meeting new people. This even applies to business conversations and making transactions at local shops. This is different in South America, as you may see a huge cultural shock when it comes to your personal space. This usually stems from basic conversational rules were otherwise known as Smalltalk. Americans tend to be more direct and straight to the point sometimes that leaves an impression of someone who doesn’t appreciate getting acquainted, which is much different in South America. Sometimes you may find that the locals may not accept the way you speak to them. Those little nuances make a big difference in how you conduct yourself in a conversation with a local. Of course, it varies from country to country but often some of the standard mannerisms and social skills are similar.

There are no disrespectful annotations or flirtatious qualities to it just happens to be a custom that you should participate in. Take the time to discuss your family, work life and even just a friendly conversation. Cultural differences can be very hard to adjust for many Americans, but you might be surprised which South American cultural habits you actually prefer to your own. It is also critical that your entrance is as meaningful as you exit, so you also want to take the time to wish each other well, mention the next opportunity to get together and say your goodbyes. You should be prepared for very friendly hug or kiss on the cheek. Not every country is the same so do your homework as each country may have unique customs when it comes to greeting someone new.

Jesus Salas, Radio professional is a professional broadcaster for the Spanish speaking population and expert in social nuances and culture, which is why he helped create the advice seen above.

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