Seven Incher

"Just Eat It"

In my opinion this ad is just very offensive. I believe it to be also sexually stereotypical in nature by portraying a blonde female pictured the way she is in the ad.

I have to say the designer had a poor taste in the way he or she choose to deliver the message. As a man I think... what would my reaction be if I come across a pamphlet like this while I am accompanied by my own mother? (not cool, you know?)

In this ad, I see:

A woman that is not about to eat a sandwich, but she look like she is about to "eat" it. (in a sexual manner) They accentuated her red lips and gave her a surprised look. No one has that look when they eat a sandwich (specially from BK). In reality, it should be more like a disappointing look, than a surprised look.

The phrase "It'll blow your mind away" goes back to my original theory that is about "eating it" instead of consuming a sandwich.

Lastly, the "BK super seven incher" refers to the length of a male body part, therefore confirming my initials suspicions about the female's intentions.

Can you imagine this exact same ad, but with a male model instead and with his mouth open? I believe the sexual stereotype would be dramatically reduced. wouldn't you think?

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