A Day in the Life of a Vietnamese Student

Bui Duy Binh is an 11 year-old Vietnamese student ,in the fifth grade, that starts his school day at 5:30 AM and ends it at 8:00 PM. At the start of the day, Bui Duy Binh brushes his teeth and prepares for school by eating the breakfast his mother serves, or a cuisine he purchases from a vendor called pho (beef and noodle soup).     At 6:30 AM Bui Duy Binh is driven to school on a motorcycle by either his dad or mother. It takes him ten minutes to arrive at his school. Then at 6:40 AM Bui starts school with a salute to Ho Chi Minh. After this he goes to art class and learns to draw. At 11:00 AM Bui leaves school to go home because there is not enough teachers.


Sometime during noon Bui returns home and waters his rooftop garden. When his mother gets home they eat lunch together. After this, Bui Duy Binh reads and takes a nap. When Bui wakes up he eats yogurt or fruit and starts studying. Sometimes he goes for a walk in his neighborhood after his nap. He makes sure to keep in close proximity to his house because the crowded streets can be dangerous. At 6:00 PM Bui helps his mother prepare dinner and they dine on tofu, chicken wings, fried squid and French fries.

Day in the Life of an American Student

I am a 13 year-old student in America, in the 7th grade, that starts my weekday around 6:30 AM. I begin my day by taking a shower, curling my hair or straightening it, brushing my teeth, saying my adieus to my mother, and getting on the bus to go to school. It takes the bus at least 40 minutes to get to my school. Once I arrive I go to my first period class, History. Then I go to my Composition class. Afterwards, I go to my Algebra class which I am privileged enough to take a year early.  


I have lunch at about noon with my friends Jennifer and Elizabeth. I have Science class after lunch with one of my pals Blake. I enjoy science class a lot! Then I have Business and Info Tech, where I learn how to type . Afterwards, I go to Advisory . Then I leave school at 2:50 PM to go home. When I get home I take a nap. Then I wake up and do my assignments until I eat dinner and go to bed.

Similarities and Differences

Some similarities Bui Duy Binh and I share are we both go to school, we both take a nap when we get home, we both eat dinner,  and we both have morning routines.

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