Rain Forest #ecosys2

Biotic: Frogs, fish, grass, trees, bugs, flowers, birds, reptiles

Abiotic: Water, rain, dirt, rocks, sun

Carrying Capasity

The amount of orginisams That can be held in an enviroment.




Limiting Factors

Sunlight is a limiting abiotic factor. This is due to a very dense canopy, sunlight is blocked from the rainforest floor making underbrush growth sparse.

Soil Nutrients is also a limiting abiotic factor. Rainforest soil is very acidic and provides little nutrients, plants depend on the decomposition of large fallen trees.  

      In the rainforst, birds are eaten by snakes. The lack of sunlight could cause plants to not be able to grow and the birds would die off with out food. Which means the snakes wouldn't have food and their population would also die off.

Energy Roles

Producers: Grass, leaves, flowers.

Consumers: Jaguars, frogs, parrots

Decomposers:Beetles, insects

Food Webs

Food webs are more realistic for my ecosystem because there are a variety of organisms that eat the same thing.

If i remove plants from the food chain, the population of butterflies would tremendously decrease due to lack of food.

Animals need shelter water and food to survive. Without these things the animals wouldn't survive, and the population would decrease.

Each orginism gets their energy from the eating the orginism below it on the pyramid.

The sun gives energy to the plant, allowing the plant to make it's own food using photosynthesis. Plants are the first orginism in the energy rolls pryramid. Without it, the primary consumers would become extinc, causing the secondary and tertiary consumers to die off as well.



A tropism is a turning or bending movement of an orginism toward or away from an external stimulus, such as light, heat, or gravity.

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2 years ago

i agree with your biotic and abiotic factors

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what i learned is trees are biotic

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i agree with the biotic and abotic things and i like the pictures 😃 😄 😀

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@janiajohnson get a little more specific with your biotic/abiotic factors. also, your carrying capacity section doesn't really make sense; go back to the instructions and make sure that you are answering the correct questions (in complete sentences). all of your answers look great though-- a lot of detail.