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ISIS Uses British Hostage, John Cantlie, to Spread Militant Group’s Message

Summary of Story/Link

The Internet video, titled “Lend Me Your Ears” , shows the journalist, John Cantlie, dressed in an orange jumpsuit and apparently reading from a script, telling the people how he was captured by the militant group also known by the acronyms ISIS and ISIL after he arrived in Syria in November 2012. The captive British journalist seated behind a desk, explaining the group’s message and warning that America and its allies are heading into an unwinnable war. while putting a clam mask on his face,  Mr. Cantlie said the group had released other European captives, with the exception of those from Britain and the United States.

Ideals Related to This Story

Rights and liberty are linked to this story.

Right and Liberty are really lacking in this case with the prisoners captured are, being beheaded one by one and the Government isn't protecting them. As Mr. Cantlie stated that“But seeing as I’ve been abandoned by my government and my fate now lies in the hands of the Islamic State, I have nothing to lose." This clearly means that the captured prisoners are taken all fro  their rights and liberty.

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