Gaming,Dreaming, and Hungry

On my snow day off I started my day off with a full blast of gaming. Waking while in a voice chat with my friend Daquan on PS4. After waking up I woke him up to get on 2k15. We played until our tummies were rumbling like raging bulls. Even than we couldn't stop playing because of our streak of 12 wins straight! What made me stop playing was disconnection to the 2k15 sever on our 13 game sadly.

Disconnecting from the 2k15 sever made me spring up, and eat four bowls of my favorite brand of cereal Fruity Pebbles. Which was not a good choice for the afternoon. By time I got done eating my friend had been taking a nap. So I went to go take one as well. As I woke my mom called me down for a delicious dinner mmm... Shrimp with fish and noodles. Some seasoning with black pepper and a few of my mom secrets a "blowing kiss to her"

Lastly to let my mind go, and ready for school I went to sleep earlier. Not just any sleep though. My dream world sleep. That's were I go to process all my thoughts about everything. School,life,surroundings, and once again life. I went to my dream world to get it off of my snow day off, and on my school day mind set. This is what I did on my snow off.