Southern Clonies

The Place that will put a smile on your face

Why Should I move there?

The One of a kind colonies a of course!!!

The  beautiful southern colonies include:

Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland

They all have their own unique features you wouldn't want to miss too!


In Georgia there are many various faiths so you are free to believe anything you would like. We have a self-governing colony.  Our economy is mostly formed around farming, trade, and skilled labor. There are short mild winters and nice, long, warm summers.

South Carolina

In South Carolina there all are faiths. Not one single religion. We have a self-governing society because we believe it is for the better. Our agriculture is based on rice and indigo..  We also have lovely mild winters and beautiful long summers.

North Carolina

In North Carolina we have many various faiths. We are governed as a royal colony. Our economy is based on mostly farming cotton, tobacco, corn, grain, and vegetables. The winters are very short and mild because the rest of the year is a nice summer and the humidity is perfect for farming.


We belong to the Church of England. We have a self governing government as well. Our economy is based on farming healthy plants and rich tobacco. Once again the winters are a nice short length and the summers are long, warm and sunny.


In Maryland we have various faiths but there are a lot of Catholics. We too have a self governing government. The economy relies on great farming and beautiful tobacco plants for profit. In Maryland there are also charming winters and spectacular summers.

Quick Southern Colonies Summary:

The climate is the best out of all the regions! There are nice, long, humid, warm summers. These summers are perfect for crops and farming and great for relaxing. The winters here are very short and mild so you don't have to worry about being cold.

The agriculture includes lots of grains, rice, sugar, tobacco, indigo, cotton and so much more. This is because of our gorgeous weather and good soil! With all of the crops this is how we make a profit and put food on the table. We have lots of animals too!

The industry and economy is based mostly on out agriculture and some ship building. This helps keep our southern steadily in business.

We Hope TO See You Soon!

-The southern Colonies-