Are you interested in joining the Cashflow Game but have these questions in mind
What is CashFlow101 board game?
How many people can play CashFlow? Can I play on my own?
What can I learn from this game, Jomar?
Are there any requirements?
I don't have any knowledge on investing. Can I still play CashFlow?
I haven't played the game before. Can I still join on the 28th, Jomar?
Is my 16 year-old child allowed to play this game?
I heard about this 'rat race' in the game, can you explain further what it is?
Will this game help me - teach me - financial literacy? Apply it in my life?
I've played Monopoly before, is this the same game with a different name?
How long does it play to play one game?
I'm facing debts right now, can this game help me improve my finance management?
How do you win in this game?
If I want to buy a CashFlow board game, where do you suggest I get one?
Is there a CashFlow app we can download in the Google Play Store or App Store
I'm a [insert your profession here], can I join and play?
I'm currently unemployed. Will this help me?
Does this game involve playing with real money?
Limited slots available. Reserve your seat now.
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Bank deposit is also available. For details: