By: Holly Haines and Shae Crane

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This food is derived from the French and Swiss culture. It all started in Gruyeres, Switzerland a town of about 1,753 which is obviously famous for its cheese, Gruyeres. Fondue Parmesan uses Gruyeres cheese in it along with parmesan-romano. It is mainly ate in a region of France just west of the Switzerland border. Many are not sure of the actual origin of Fondue Parmesan, but it is either French or Swiss and by the time food connoisseurs are able to track down the ancestors of this food, it’s already far too gone. The earliest known recipe for cheese fondue as we know it today comes from a 1699 book published in Zurich, under the name "Käss mit Wein zu kochen" "to cook cheese with wine". It calls for grated or cut-up cheese to be melted with wine, and for bread to be dipped in it. Who typically eats this appetizer (entree) is the upper class because it is considered a fancy food that is supposed to be eaten before the main course in nicer restaurants. (Hertzmann)


-  le beurre (1/4 cup)

- la tarine (1/2 cup)

- le lait (1 1/2 cups)

- Swiss fromage

- Monterey Jack fromage

- Mozzerella fromage

- les oeufs (1)

- le sel et le poivre

- l'huille (for frying)

- le bol

How To:

1) Mettre une pellicule de plastique sur casserole.

2) Dans casseroel fondre la peurre. Ajouter farine cuisiner pour un.

3) Fouet dans le lait et garder remuer.

4) Ajouter fromage. Remuer jusqu'a fondu. Add troisienne et le jaune.

5) Verser en casserole. Converture et presse a lisse.

6) Refrigerer quatre heures. Suppritner a partirde casserole.


7) Lieu le fanine dans plaque. Mettre oeut dans bol et chapelure dans deuxienne bol.


Make sure to have all ingredients prepared and set out before you begin to make the Fondue Parmesan. It is possible to make single handedly, but some extra help would possibly be desired. The waiting for the mixture to harden over the course of 4 hours is tedious, so leave them over night if possible. Also, we used 3 different cheeses, so if you love cheese like we do, try to cut the cheese (get it?) down to 2 kinds. It got a little rich with 3 in it. Voila! Enjoy!

Link for YouTube Video: Holly et Shae's Cooking Show

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