Vocabulary Squares

Mrs. Dixon, Aaron Gerlach


Made of clear, brilliant glass

The miners found brilliant crystal formations deep in the mine.


Tough and strong

Popeye has very sinewy biceps, which he uses to beat the bad guys.


Strong and muscular

The brawny man carried the stone statue over the mountain.



The parson spoke in a loud, clear voice so everyone could hear him.


Shaped by hammering

The blacksmith made the gate with wrought iron.


Upper Legs and hips of an animal

The trained dog sat on its haunches when its master gave the command.

1. A dog would sit on its haunches if it were running so it could catch its breath.

2. I would expect a weightlifter to be brawny because weightlifters are tough and muscular.

3. I would expect a body builder to have sinewy hands.

4. If a glass is made of crystal, it is breakable because crystal is clear, brilliant glass.

5. Yes a parson is likely to be found in a church because a parson is a minister.

6. Yes if something is wrought it is made by hammering, because to be wrought is to be shaped by hammering.

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