Otzi the iceman

examination of Otzi

Otzi facts

Otzi the iceman is the oldest body ever found. He lived during the stone age, thats prehistoric! He was preserved in a glacier in the alps in 1991. with otzi's help they found out what people from 5,500 years ago wore for clothing, what they ate, tools they used and what they looked like.

cave art

cave art

Cave art was a way of the stone age. Long ago people created paintings inside caves.The most famous ones are in the caves in Lascaux. Cave art is a way people 5,500 years ago wrote. cave art show how people use to honor animals.

Hunting in the stone age is different then hunting today. No guns were available in the stone age times. The animals were very large, one example is irish elk and they stood 10 feet tall, and their antlers were 11 feet wide.the stone age people had to hunt using bones from animals to make tools and by using lit torches to scare elk off of the cliffs and then they would fall to their death.

There were many types of people in the stone age and ice age. Two of the types are Cro-magnon and neanderthal and we are going to tell you about them. Neanderthals were not like us they had a thick,wide forehead and were strong and stalky but short and hunched over. They had long hair and big feet, large molars and big noses.

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