Supernatural Culture

By Megan Gannaway

Based on the TV series, "Supernatural"

         The United States was founded by John Winchester, father of Sam and Dean Winchester. It was founded in 1827, by walking along the coast of an island nearby and seeing a larger piece of land in the distance.  They got onto a ship and had their friend, Bobby, captain the ship and take them there. No sign of human life was found, so they decided to settle there because they found a lot of food resources.  Once they saw the land they got back onto the ship and went back to the island. They told all of the people that lived there about it, and that's how the population began to grow, and how the country began.

       In this country, there are many different types of religions, based on different things, but the 4 main ones are Atheism, Laturism, Christianity, and Satanism.  Atheism is for the people who believe in nothing, Laturism is for the ones who believe in anything supernatural, Christianity is for who believes in Jesus Christ and angels, and Satanism is for who worship the devil.  The reason behind these religions is that everyone has their own beliefs, whether its because they've seen proof of it or not.  For example, 99% of people who are Laturists, claim to have seen proof of supernatural, and that its everywhere we just don't always see or know it.  Many victims or believers say they've seen shapeshifters, ghosts, demons, vampires, werewolves, the reaper, etc.  

       People live in different places depending on their age and income rates.  Some may live in mansions, medium sized houses, or an apartment.  Most middle classed adults live in medium sized houses.  Young adults who just got out of college and living on their own are most likely to live in apartments.  The United States has an extremely large population.  Its home to more than 900 million people nowadays, and the population only keeps increasing.  75% of the population live in big cities, and the rest of the 25% live in small towns or right outside of them.  Most of the country is full of trees and unique animals.  The architecture is unlike any other place on the Earth.  Its home to some of the tallest and most amazing buildings in the world.  Most houses are custom made by the owners without any extra charge, so most houses look different and have their 0wn unique style.

      Everyone has their own hobbies and things that they like to do for fun or on their free time.  There's sports, listening/playing music, playing video games, reading, etc.  The most popular sports are football, basketball, soccer, and baseball.  There are tons of different types of music, video games, and genres of books.  Most people like listening to music the most because it can explain feelings and bring up moods, to where if you start off mad or sad, you'll end up being happy in no time.  It affects the overall livelihood of the United States by making people happier more often and brings down many crime rates by people doing what they enjoy doing as much as they can, and taking their minds off of anything bad.  Overall, the United States is a fun, exciting country full of life and uniqueness, that welcomes any new citizens.

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