Three inferences about a paragraph

Inferences: An assumption that you should have a reason for assuming

3 examples: "July 1742- Run. That was the single thought that filled my head. I had to run, to keep moving, or else all would be lost. My feet pounded against the raw, African earth and the evening wind whipped at my skin. Sweat pounded down my sweltering forehead, my muscles burned and every bone in my body screamed at me to stop, slow down. But my mind wouldn't let me, my instinct was too strong. Branches ripped at my skin as I dodged the trees, I dared a glance back at my hunter and caught a glimpse of white skin, large hands firmly clasping a rope, and dark, stony eyes devoid of pity."

inference 1. The person has recently done something bad or is escaping from something.

inference 2. The person has been running for a while.

inference 3. The person is somewhere in a desert.

Three inferences about photos

Inference 1. This kid is either super tired or really hates school.

Inference 2. this kid doesn't like homework.

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