Marie Lu
Sidney Dick


The book Legend takes place in the future in the city of Los Angeles. In this city there is a boy named Day who is on the top of the most wanted list. He lives with his friend Tess who was an abandoned orphan and they live in different places so the officials can't find them. Day's mother thinks that he is dead, but his brother John knows he is alive because Day often steals money and goods and gives them to John to provide for their family. June is the other main character who is in charge of finding Day, and after the officials told her that he killed her brother, she does not hesitate to put Day into the ground. Once June comes in contact with Day they both fall for each other but June still turns him in to the officials. Once Day is sent to prison for interrogation, June realizes that Day was not the one who killed her brother and that the officials made it look like he did so she would want to capture him. So on the day of Day's execution, June and Day's brother John planed an escape that succeeds. The genre of this book is young adult and the theme was of fairness and rebellion.

What did you enjoy about this book?

I really enjoyed how the author told the story from both Day and June's perspective and how sometimes their stories overlapped. It helped to show what both characters were like personally and what their lives were like.

How was this book well written?

I believe that this book was well written because for taking place far into the future it seemed so real. I felt like what happened with Day and June seemed so real that it could eventually happen. Also by combining action and romance the author nailed a great plot line.

Was the ending satisfactory? Why?

I thought that the ending was satisfactory because it was a happy ending with June and Day being together. But since this is the first book out of a trilogy, there is plenty of time to have an unsatisfactory ending. As for this book, it ended happily.

Why would you recomend this book?

I would recommend this book because it is a great fictional book with a fantastic plot line involving both action, rebellion, and romance. I believe it is easy to get lost in well written fictional books and that is just what this is.