Final Project Blog

Today you will:

  • Write a blog post sharing your issue and why it matters, and how your project will address it! Gonna USE DAT evidence too!

1)Watch today's video CLOSELY and CAREFULLY.

  • Pause if you need to
  • Open these slides if you forget something
  • Do not skip any parts or else you'll get confused and bug me with stuff :)

2) Open this new "Say, Mean, Matter" Chart to help interpret your facts!

3) Open your note-taking template!

  • Click the Finder smiley at the bottom of your screen
  • Open the documents folder
  • Open your template in Microsoft Word!

4) Follow the video directions to copy over TWO pieces of evidence you found,interpret what they MEAN, and then why the facts MATTER in your own words!

5) Hop on Weebly, start a NEW BLOG POST, and tell us about your issue and project with the following requirements:

  • Start with a clear topic sentence (what is your issue and what are you claiming about it?)
  • Include TWO pieces of evidence/facts you found that ARE RELEVANT to your topic sentence and claim!
  • Include HYPERLINKS so we can CLICK YOUR TWO facts and SEE where you GOT THEM FROM
  • Include an IMAGE or VIDEO! (and copy/paste the web address you got it from to cite your source)
  • Write clearly and neatly about your issue and project!

6) Turn in your blog address to Edmodo!!!

  • Be sure to EXIT THE EDITOR first
  • Then click on your TINY web address,
  • Then copy/paste the web address on Edmodo