John C. Calhoun

John C. Calhoun
is the most awesome person of the Civil war

He left his mark on the U.S and influenced many people during the civil war.

He was a canidate for the presidents in 1824 but dropped out and settled for vice position. He was a gifted debater which was something that made him very special and many people followed and supported him. during his political life from 1815 to 1850 he contributed a lot to the efforts.

He tried defending american honor and that was his main objective in congress

Very american he always thought of ways to better the U.S and ways to improve the government. On one occasion agitating congress because of his honor leading the U.S. to the war of 1812 against Britain.

He was an Inspiration for the Civil war.

He died 11 years before the start of the civil war but he inspired many secesssionists  during 1860-1861, he was nicknamed the cast iron man for his ideological dignity for the progression of the United states.

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