Man of the People

   Thomas Jefferson the man of the people. I am the man of the people. Which means I am and will be there for you. I want to help make decisions and get the freedom and rights that you deserve. I wrote the Declaration of Independence for the people of the United States. I have so many accomplishments that I could name but instead I name the ones about about the people.

   Why would you vote for that stinky Adams anyway. All he wanted to do was keep the people out of it. He wanted to let the government do what they wanted to do. That will show you he obviously doesn't care about you like I do.That is why i should be chosen over him.

   I have been to college and have received a degree in law. That will tell you that I understand the laws and that I am educated. I was appointed secretary of state by President Washington. I also served in the Virginia House of Burgesses. So vote for me I'm your best choice.

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