Women during the civil war
By: Kayla and Karron

What the women did during the civil war

More than 400 women disguised themselves as men and fought in the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War.


With the outbreak of war in 1861, women and men alike eagerly volunteered to fight for the cause. In the Northern states, women organized ladies’ aid societies to supply the Union troops with everything they needed, from food (they baked and canned and planted fruit and vegetable gardens for the soldiers) to clothing (they sewed and laundered uniforms, knitted socks and gloves, mended blankets and embroidered quilts and pillowcases) to cash (they organized door-to-door fundraising campaigns, county fairs and performances of all kinds to raise money for medical supplies and other necessities).

How women helped

The women helped with a lot of different things like,Spying,Cooking,Dressing up as guys to fight,also nursing,and many other things.As the war was going on people didn't realize how important women were they helped with a lot more than what people would expect.They were nurses and they ran a hospital which some men would sneak into because of the men's hospital being unsanitary and brutal,the women's hospitals were much more sanitary and less brutal.They dressed up as men to fight along side their husbands or family.They also had to cook for the soldiers

These women suffered from from heart ache for many years.

Women dress up like men to go into the war  

During the war women wanted to help so the dressed up like men to help with the war and some of them enlisted in the war along side their husbands because they couldn't bear to be apart.


Rose Greenhow-Nickname was Wild Rose,Ascended the ranks of Washington D.C. society as the wife of wealthy prominent doctor.Her charmed life took tragic turn in the 1850's when her husband and 5 of their 8 children died.In the months before the civil war broke out,Greenhow,a fervent supporter of the confederate cause,became the ringleader of a growing network of the anti-Union spies.

Isabelle Boyd-Nickname was Belle,Born in a Virginia family with strong southern loyalties, the celebrated beauty Isabelle "Belle" Boyd became one of the Confederacy's most notorious spies,after a skirmish with a drunk Union soldier in July 1861.According to her own account,the man invaded her home, tore down a Confederate flag and spoke offensively to her mother,enraged,17-year old Belle shot and killed him.

Elizabeth Van Lew- Raised in a wealthy slave-holding family in Richmond, Virginia,Elizabeth Van Lew developed strong abolitionist sympathies as a young adult, particularly after attending a Quaker school in Philadelphia. After her fathers death in 1843, Van Lew convinced her brother to free their slaves, many of whom stayed on as paid servants. When war broke out, Van Lew and her mother began visiting Union soldiers held in Richmond's brutal Libby Prison, bringing the clothing, food and medicine. She helped men escape, smuggled out letters for them and gathered valuable information about Confederate strategy from both prisoners and guards.      

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