End of Year School Project

By: Esmeralda Raygoza

Persuasive Essay

The world needs good people to have the world at peace, Clean, bullying, no argument, and good life. When there is bad people in this world there is war, trash, harm, not many good lives or homes and there will only be darkness, unable to move to places in peace and always keep watch to make sure no person will attack you.

One good Cause in having great/good people in this world is that they are able to stop the violence that goes around the area or earth. Good people are great/good leaders to many. For example, when the bad person is angry and wants many people to get hurt the good, which are the Police Army, The state police, and or FBI who serve to protect us put a stop to the stealing and anger. Then that person is then punished by the good followers/leaders to teach them a lesson about respect and not doing what crime they were doing and be removed from the place and area to a punishment place, Jail.

In continuation, good people in this world give good examples to the bad to be respectful, caring, not violent, and nice to the world, people, animals, and other species. For instance, the bad person would have to sat excuse me to the person next to, in front of, or behind when in a hurry somewhere. The bad needs good examples, to make the world a better place to be and live, the good should always be the leaders not the followers. The followers will be the bad who will then change when they know what they do to others is bad.

Further more,The World would be full of evil, hatred, and darkness, this world would not be live, or have anything living with out the good. Many think and believe that killing, being careless, rude, and disrespectful is fun, cool and thinks it is the only right thing to do, As a result of these things happening, the bad doesn't know how that person gets destroyed and hurt from the inside and out.

Lastly, this world will always need harmony, life and peace. With this in the world society would be very nice, fun, and not rude. Without good people in this world there will only be darkness and hatred spreading to every single person in the world and everyone will not care about others and not have a good society. Society should now improve to become very caring to every person even when you do not know that certain person and or people. Being yourself and different from everyone else and helping others makes you a unique and special person. The bad should look up to these kinds of leaders who will always Love, Care, and treat this world with its people and many more with honesty and respect.

  Esmeralda    Star Gaze, 1518

Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Intent

May 18, 2015                                                                                                                   Sarah Roe Martinez : Story Writer                                                                                Movie Making                                                                                                               1312 Cartoon Place                                                                                                       River Shore, 1519

Dear, Sarah Roe Martinez,

       I will work for you and make story animations for movies and shows. I have many drawings that you might be pleased with. I will make your animation story be noticeable to others who will watch the trailer to your animated story/movie. i will make sure your story will look great on the animation.

I may need to work with a group of people to resolve what each person will be drawing for the entire movie. For example, the background and setting. I have been making drawings for some people which make me draw stronger each and every day. I will achieve your story's with great animation for each and every one

    When you need to get in contact with me with questions you may email me. I may and may not be on during the duration other time when i am i am drawing a request on my device. Thank You for your spare time to be reading my letter. for now have a great day.


Esmeralda Raygoza


Esmeralda Raygoza

(501) 534-2157

                            Raygoza Loads.com                                                                                                Ezzy15@ Twitter.com

Objective: In Achieving as a professional animator I must take animation classes in high school and college then find a good company to work for. First and further most i must know how to control the drawing, and technology of how to draw on the devices. I must work hard and study hard to become a professional animator for any company. For example, Disney, Dreamworks, and or Marvel.

Education: I attended elementary in 3 different schools. My first school was a EPID named Bohnam Elementary school from 2006-2008 then i had moved from that district to SISD at Chester E. Jordan for the half of the Second grade then i moved from Chester to Jane A. Hambric school for the rest of Elementary schhol in 5th grade 2009-2011. I had gotten A-B Honor Roll in 5th Grade. I then moved schools again for my middle school year to Paso Del Norte in 2012 - 2014. There i accomplished to be in the band for three years art for one year. I had won meddles for every Solo & Ensemble for getting a grade 1 from the judge for 3 years. Then an award for being the best student and player in the Band. Then accomplishing all three years in the band.

Experience: I've had a Job experience for my mom's job. She made sure that i counted money and have the correct amount for about 5 days then for then next 5 days she told me to check the computers and technology in the store were completely turned off so no one may access them.

2-20 - 2-25                                                                                          [ Job title ? ]                   Raygoza Billing

Check the money and turn off all technology.

Skills: Most skils that i have for my career choice is that i may know how to write Story's. As i write the story i may also draw the characters and main characters of the story. The story's i write is mostly Non- Fiction most of the time other days i like to write Fictional but i mostly write Non- Fiction. Most of the Non- Fiction is about wolves, Dragons, bats, vampires, super heros, dogs and cats. Most of the drawing i would draw for them is pretty simple and easy others are not much of an easy task to do.

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