Annemarie Johansen

Annemarie is a ten year old Danish girl. She is also one of the main protagonist. She has blonde hair and is tall with long arms and legs. Annemarie lives with her mother, father, and her younger sister, Kirsti. She is aware of her limitations; however, she is very thoughtful and intellectual.

Ellen Rosen

Ellen is Annemarie's bestfriend and neighbor. She is ten years old and is a Danish Jew. Ellen lives with her mother and father. She constantly is in fear because Jews were persecuted during the Holocaust.

Uncle Henrik

Uncle Henrik is Annemarie's uncle. He is a fisherman, but also transports Jewish people to Sweden, where Nazis do not have control over. Henrik is brave and determined to do what's right. He owns a beach house on the coast of Denmark  

Peter Neilsen

Peter was engaged to Annemarie's oldest sister, before she past.He visits the Johansen family occasionally, bringing them news and gifts. Annemarie thinks of him as her "almost-brother." Peter is the effective leader of the plan to get the Rosens to safety. His stoic bravery makes him seem older than his twenty years.

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