The Battle of Cold Habor

Will the Confederate win?

On May 5, after Grant's army crossed the Rapidan River and entered the Wilderness of Spotsylvania, it was attacked by Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. Although Lee was outnumbered, about 60,000 to 100,000, his men fought fiercely and the dense foliage provided a terrain advantage. After two days of fighting and almost 29,000 casualties, the results were inconclusive and neither army was able to obtain an advantage. Lee had stopped Grant, but had not turned him back; Grant had not destroyed Lee's army.

  • The Battle of Cold Harbor started on May 31, 1864
  • The Battle of Cold Harbor ended on June 12, 1864
  • It was the last battle Grant and his soldiers were going to do
  • The Battle of Cold Harbor was part of the American Civil War
  • Ulysses S. Grant and George G. Meade were the commander on the Union side
  • Robert E. Lee was a commander on the Confederate side
  • The units  involved on the Union side were Army of the Potomac and XVIII Corps (Army of the James)
  • The units involved on the Confederate side was The Army of Northern Virginia
  • The strength on the Union side was 108,000
  • The strength on the Confederate side was 59,000
  • It was remembered as one of American history's bloodiest
  • The Confederate won the battle
  • The Union loss the battle
  • The result was the Confederate

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