The Drop of Honey

Rephrased by Shayaan and Fazeel

Once open a time there was a king who was having breakfast with his trusted minister. The king loved to eat puffed rice with honey made from his own garden. That day, while he was having breakfast, a drop of honey fell on to the balcony. The minister was concerned about the drop of honey and he asked the king that could he clean it. The king simply ignored him and continued his breakfast.

The drop of honey on the balcony was eaten by a fly. This fly was devoured by a gecko on a tree. A cat saw the gecko and felt hungry,thus the gecko was attacked by the cat. The cat was seen by a dog and there arose a fight.The minister saw this with growing concern and asked the king for permission to stop the fight.The king refused saying that it was not his matter. The Owners of the animals were quite irritated by the fight between the cat and dog and so they started supporting their animals. After a while, the owners hit each other when they saw that supporting their animals was of no use. This fight had encouraged the town members to get involved. The minister was getting worried and restless to stop the fight but the king did not granted his permission. Moments later family and friends joined to protect their close ones. The fight started to worsen and when soldiers saw this, the also grouped. Instead of stopping the fight, they also took sides of the cat's and dog's owner. As a result it turned out to be a civil war. Buildings were destroyed and people were killed and injured. The palace was set on fire but the king and the minister were safe.

Days later, the king and the minister saw the ruins of the town and were quite sad. The king was feeling sorry because it was his fault. If he would've cleaned the single drop of honey, then none of this would have happened. He should have realized his responsibility at the time and should've cleaned the drop of honey.

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