Mary's Much Ado Retelling


I am the sweet innocent Hero, the daughter of Leanoto. I found that me and Claudio have a very strong love connection. I went to a party that I was invited to and then was wooed by Don Pedro for some reason.

Everything between me and Claudio is perfect and were happy together. We are suppose to marry soon.

During the wedding I was suppose to marry Claudio but he embarrassed me and we decided not to marry. I did not know what I did to make him treat me so unfairly. He said I was  common stale and referred me to an orange. I was so hurt with the lies that me and my dad said we would fake my death. Claudio found out that I was dead and he was going to marry my dad's brother's daughter. Later to find out it was me, and we married and everything is back to normal.

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