Bailey Fisher



Melissa is my closest sister and my favorite subject. Her beauty shines in everything she does and I hope to capture that in my photos of her.

Hewitt, Texas

Mel pt.2

She kept smiling, so I kept snapping.

Hewitt, Texas


My boyfriend would never, ever model for me.

So, I take them when he isn't looking.

Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Gabby and Zachary

The most affectionate couple I know. They never cease to give me a good romantic shot.

Hewitt, Texas



This stinking dog would not leave me or my camera alone over Spring Break of 2015. So, I made him a model.

Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Duke pt. 2

I want a blue heeler puppy now.

Siloam Springs, Arkansas


I wish I could say something cool like this was an eagle hunting prey, but my life isn't that exciting.

It's a buzzard that kept stalking me and my boyfriend in a creepy forest.

Siloam Springs, Arkansas


It's some kind of fungus on a tree. Eh, it looked cool.

Siloam Springs, Arkansas


If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, did it make a sound?

I don't know, I just take the pictures of it when it's dying.

Siloam Springs, Arkansas


It's a stream. With water. Yah.

Siloam Springs, Arkansas


One day Mom got really mad at Dad.

Hewitt. Texas


Siloam Forest pt. 1

A forest in Siloam Springs.

Siloam Springs, Arkansas

My Cousin's Backyard

I'm seriously jealous my cousin gets to see this everyday. I miss my home a lot.

Siloam Springs, Arkansas

When the Snow Falls...

The one day it REALLY snowed in Central Texas.

Waco, Texas


We have this birdhouse full of birds that eat mosquitoes.  They deserve recognition.

Hewitt, Texas

Evening Swim

It's blurry on purpose.

Hewitt, Texas

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