Tittle:Rocks In the Wrong Direction

By:Abby and Hannah

QUESTION: If we put rocks in front of the water flow would the water change direction ?

Hypothesis: We think it will change direction ,because if the water hits the tip of a rock it will move the direction of the flowing water.Hopefully it might still go through the whole.

1. big rocks/gravel
2. 1 liter of water
3. 2 trays
4. stands for height,slop

Set up:We Set up the rocks flat out and had very little holes for water to get through. we then patted the sand and clay together at the top.We also put a bowl at the bottem so it could catch the water.

This are before picture

Data and Results

data: once we poured the  water on the tray  instead of  the rocks clogging the water, the  water forced  the rocks towards the center. As the water squeezed its way through the edges of the tray into the bowl.

This is are after picture


Are answer is no because the rocks didn't change the direction of the water flow. Instead the water changed the direction of the rocks.The water forced the rocks because the water was forced down the stream.