Agents of Socialization


My family has socialized me in many different ways. To start, my family taught me how to act around others. They taught me to be respectful in public and to treat others how I would like to be treated. My family also helped me deal with problems in a professional manner to understand both sides of a problem. They let me watch TV shows that I enjoyed and helped teach me these values as well, like Spongebob Squarepants. My family really brought me to be the person I am.


School used to be a huge influence on my socialization. School taught me reward vs. punishment based on performance whereas my family taught me based on affection. School also taught me language! Things like grammar, syntax, words, etc. School also has a real world experience taste to it. School taught me punctuality, rules/regulations, when to speak, how to act, etc. Also, school gave me an opportunity to excel in sports and have a chance to compete against others. School really has had a huge role in my socialization.

Peer Groups

My peer group has probably had the greatest impact on me so far. My past and current peer groups have helped me experience conflict, competition, and cooperation. Competition is a big highlight with my soccer team. Every day we compete together to make each other better. Also, my everyday friends highlight cooperation. They are people I always get along with and can go to for anything. My peer groups also help me make decisions regarding the paths I want to take in life.

Mass Media

Mass media has definitely played a big part in my socialization. Shows such as Scooby Doo and Pokemon helped me learn certain values in life and society, like sharing, working in groups, caring for others, etc. I loved all the TV shows that I watched when I was younger so much that I had a bunch of action figures that I played with. Another mass media that has played a huge part in my life is the music I listen to. Drops of Jupiter, my favorite song ever, is a mass media that really shaped me into the kind of person that I am now. Overall, mass media has really shaped me into the person I am now.

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