Aquarium design
report on the tackk

We're making a tank for some local interer designers.Our tank is a small tank, its volume is 4,200 in and in feet its 2.43ft. Our budget is 700 but we only spent 216.49 cents. We bought 4 fish but only 2 kinds, another thing we bought is a starter tank that came with a heater a light and a filter. Couple thing that were nesesarey for out designee was our pebble beach , the bubble Valcano  and our fake plant the begonia, it all adds up to 216.49. Both of are aren't of fish live around 79-82 fharenhite.they can both eat the same type of food. Our fish that were going to put in the tank can't be put with aggressive fish.

Angle fish and African cichlids

2A +2 Af=$_____

One reason we chose the 2 fish is they live in the same temperature. But even tho they eat different foods they can live in the same tank. We chose the tank size for the four fish we are going to get.