Video Camera

Alexa Mayfield, Samorria Mayhew, and Rania Droubi

The video Camera

  • The purpose of a video camera is take videos of certain things that you would want to see again.

Who invented The video camera?

The one who invented the video camera was John Logie Barid in the 1930's. He also invented the television.

How is it used today?

In the 1930's, when it was first invented, it was used by the BCC in experimental

broadcast. Today, it is used to take videos of something and reply it.

What are some of the innovations that this product has undergone since its original invention?

the earliest video camera were zoomed sized and some were really heavy. No more than one person could get on the picture. Today, people could get involved in pictures and carry it around.

How has this product impacted society in a positive way?

The video camera impacts the society in a positive way because you can bring back memories of videos and pictures once again.

How has this product impacted society in a negative way?

the video camera impacts you in a negative way because it made embarrass you to watch old videos of yourself or other people in the society.


Science: Discovers the meaning of the camera and discovers what it does.

technology: Gives you the materials you will need for the video camera. They also design the object.

Engineering: Put all the materials together.

Math: Tells you all the storage the item will have it tells you more about how much data you will have.


"The Omni-focus video camera's unique ability to achieve simultaneous focus of all the objects in a scene, near or far, multiple or single, without the usual physical distinguished in terms of high resolution, distance mapping, real time operation, simplicity, compactness, light weight portability, and a projected low manufacturing cost."

Which of these areas of technology best classifies the artifact?

Information And Communication