Otzi the Ice man

Otzi was found by two German tourists from Nuremberg, Helmut and Erika Simon, at 10,530 ft on the east ridge of the Fineilspitze in the Otztal Alps on the Austrian–Italian border. some items that were found with Otzi were a copper axe with a yew handle, a flint-bladed knife with an ash handle and a quiver of 14 arrows with viburnum and dogwood shafts. Two of the arrows, which were broken, were tipped with flint and had fletching ,while the other 12 were unfinished and untipped. Otzi also had a unfinished Yew long bow that was 72 in long. He wore a cloak made of woven grass and a coat, a belt, a pair of leggings, a loincloth and shoes, all made of leather of different skins. He also wore a bearskin cap with a leather chin strap. The shoes were waterproof  and seemingly designed for walking across the snow. Otzi was about 5 ft 5 in tall.  I think this method could be true but why did he go up so high in the mountains? Ozti was thought to have died in this order

1. Otzi was walking on a trail to either find food or he was trying to get somewhere

2.He was ambushed by 2 or more humans

3. Otzi was caught in a Hand to hand fight.

4. He started running towards a safe place and was shot in the right shoulder.

5. Otzi got up and  ran to the mountains and climbed to 10,000 ft and died .

6. Otzi was perserved in ice and snow until 19 September 1991

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