Ice storm

by: Jaden anderson

Ice storms are dangerous storm it freeze everything.Ice storms occur when freezing rain falls from a cloud and fall towards earth and melts completely when it hits the ground it freezes The storm blocks roads tear down power and telephone lines.Ice storms is rain below O degrees Celsius.The lost of power has indirectly cause numerous illness and death due to carbon monoxide.At the low level poison cause symptoms nausea, dizziness, fatigue and headache but, high level can cause unconsciousness, heart failure and death. During a ice storm loss of electricity can lead to hypothermia and even death from hypothermia.The can also cause a fire.

Ice rain happen more frequently than blizzards.The weight of ice rain snaps power lines and trees. Ice storm happen most in the top part of the United States.One of the worst ice storms hit 1988 in the northeastern United States an neighboring Canada 3,000,000 people lost power on that day.The highest recorded is 8 ft.

Ice storms usually last half an hour.Ice storm is another form of winter storm by freezing rain. People can be unaware of the damage it can cause overnight.They are gentle storms.They can cause millions dollars of damage.Begins in the the cold layer then falls to the warm layer.When ice rain hits the ground it freezes.

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