Safavid Silk Road trader

By: Ryan Bostic

I am a Safavid silk road trader.  My family and I have been very successful with trade and the business within trade.  We have built a vast network of trade across this Muslim world and we want to preserve it as along as wee can, along with our pride and power. Our network is very diverse with all types of people and is united by the Safavid Empire.  We have been successful trading along the silk road as we have brought Arabic numerals to the western world.  Also, we trade many types of goods including sugar cane, cotton, dyes, medicinal herbs, fruits, and flowers.  As we make money selling and trading, we invest our money into bridges, roads, and caravanserais to facilitate and encourage more trade.  As we trade, we can still learn new technologies and architectural ideas such as domes.  For example, we have built shrines that are domes. 

The ottoman empire is spreading quickly as we are at battle and fighting for power and religion. We the "Shiite Muslims" are fighting the "Sunni Muslims" because we disagree with the rules of Islam.  Abbas the Great has helped us maintain power for a long time, building a center for international trade. He has recently died and or power is already decreasing.  Sunnis are increasingly gaining power.  People are rapidly moving toward the coast and I am losing workers.  To keep people from moving to the coast, I am going to keep investing my money to bridges and roads because it will help keep people around longer, making it much more efficient to travel on and I believe that this will help keep people closer. 

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