My  planet
By  Jacob

My planet is called solar it is 45,000,000 feet long.

It has the mass of 2,000,000,000 ounces.

The name of my planet is Solar.

A day on my planet is 328 Hours!

A year on my planet is 112,720 Hours!

The average temp is 100 F.

My planet has 3 moons.

My Planets landforms are caves and valleys also rivers another one is Mountains last but not least oceans.

MY planets Natural resources are Diamonds,gold,metal,lead,stone,titanium,water and wood!

The animals on my planet are dogs,cats,fish,pigs,cows,chickens.

My planets bodies of water are oceans and rivers.

I also have fruits and vegetables.

The weather on my planet is dark and stormy.

my planet is made of Diamonds .

The planet is often called the mine or the rich planet.

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