BY:Abby Johnson

  In China at that time, it was harsh and there was a lot of trouble. Legalism offered new and better solutions to solve problems. " Legalism was based on the teachings of Hanfeizi." He made harsh laws and punishments."Hanfeizi lived to see the end of Warring States period and of the Zhou Dynasty." He was determined to make a great philosophy for many people." But he did not think that the Confucian teachings about proper behavior was the answer." Hanfeizi didn't like how Daoism ruled, so he changed it (Legalism).

  Hanfeizi's philosophy made harsh punishments, for doing something bad." People were forbidden to criticize the government." If you were to criticize the government, you would probably be put to death."Many people were put to death for disloyalty and other crimes during the rule of the Qin Dynasty." Even if you disobeyed just a little bit, you would be severely punished. "Rulers should trust no one, not even their own families."As you can tell, Hanfeizi wanted his rulers to be strong and independent. The rules that Hanfeizi created,were very harsh towards his citizens.  

 Hanfeizi was also in charge of what his citizens do." Those who followed Legalism believed that most people are naturally selfish." People who got caught not following their leader,would be punished. "Civil servants should be watched carefully and punished for doing a poor job." Many of Hanfeizi's servants were sometimes trusted, but very rarely. "Hanfeizi wrote."He who trusts others will be controlled by others."" He felt as if rulers had the power on their own. Hanfeizi wanted to control all of China, during his dynasty.  

  Many people think, why does Hanfeizi rule the way he does? " When you hear any statements made, do not alter or shift them." This quote proves that when you change someone's opinion, you change their mind and you are being overpowered by someone else;thats exactly what the rules say not to do (be overpowered)."When it comes to people who are close to him, he enjoys them,but is sure to hold them responsible for what they say, and prevent them from expressing unasked for opinions." Even though he loves his family, he still has to report them if they say or do something bad. "Placing too much value on minor advantages will impede major advantages."  If you pay too much attention to the minor details then you'll miss the bigger details in his laws. I believe he rules the way he does is to keep everything in order and to make sure people follow his rules.

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