My Favorite High School Memory

Kierra Morris

Let me tell you about the time the Mount Vernon Lady Tiger softball team became Regional Final Qualifiers. There was a team who had played together since before junior high. Their team bond was unbreakable. They worked so well together that they won first place in their district, and would be the ones to go the farthest in their district. They had made it all the way through area and regionals. There was one girl who was number five and she was so blessed to be on the team. Her biggest accomplishment was not only playing for this team, but winning the regional quarter final game for them. They were tied in the bottom of the seventh, and number five was the first hitter up. She took a deep breath, stepped into the batters box, and swung at the first perfect pitch. She, the teams, and the fans watched as the ball sailed over the left field fence. She will never forget that game, or that team.

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