1984 Reading Log
Soomin Cho

3-5 Sentence Summary, One Important Quote, and 2 discussion questions of Part 1, Sections 1-2

Summary: Winston is in the Party, but he does not have much political power. He buys this notebook and pen; notebooks and pens are not against in the law, but if these items were found, then one would be punished. Winston starts to open up his thoughts about how his society is. He writes down his thoughts about unfairness and the problems of Oceania. Winston understands that this notebook with his thoughts will be life-risky.

One important Quote: "Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death" (Orwell 38).

Discussion Question 1: Why do the children of the society in Oceania do not know the value of their parents?

Discussion Question 2: Why does Winston continue on with his reality thoughts about Oceania's government if he knows that he will likely be killed by Thoughtpolice?

Learning Station #2- A Perfect

Utopia: an ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects



-world peace



-true communism

-good diplomatic relations







-basic rights







Is Utopia a possible?

-no, because humans have different views and thoughts








-terrible weather





Is a dystopia possible?


Write a 5 to 10 sentence response to the reading using at least five of the Unit 12 vocabulary words. Please bold these words. Focus your response on one of the five key topics I asked you to track in the novel (prophetic nature of the novel, political structure, social structure, language, or dreams).


Language is an important component that makes up Oceania. Everyone almost abjures OldSpeak(the language used before Newspeak) and try to speak Newspeak. Syme, a man who works on the new official Newspeak dictionary is callous to Oldspeak. He believes that excessive amounts of words are unnecessary and Newspeak is more efficient and clever; most citizens of Oceania have the same opinion as Syme. The government is elated about this language because they believe that citizens will not think and commit "Thoughtcrimes" since they cannot express themselves. However, Winston has clandestine opinions which he does not reveal to anyone. If he tells anyone about his emotions, he will be quelled by the government.

Create 3 original discussion questions. Write a short paragraph (3 - 5 sentences with at least one direct quote from the reading) response to one of your three questions

1. Why doesn't the man who owns the Beer Pub want to bring up the real truths of the past?

2.   Why does Winston decide to trust Mr Charrington despite the fact that he barely knows him?

3. Why does Winston believe that hope lies in the hands of the proles?

Winstone believes that the only people that can overthrow the party are the proles. The proles are the 85% of the population who the party does not really care about; the party just wants to keep them in thei control. If the majority of the population want freedom, the Party can be overthrown. However, the proles are brainwashed by the Party into thinking that they have the best conditions of living, and that they should deb thankful and happy.

Write a short paragraph examining the relationship between Winston and Julia. Consider focusing on at least one of the following questions: why are they drawn to each other? What does their relationship symbolize? What is their relationship like? Where is it headed? Integrate at least one quotation into your reflection.

Winston and Julia are in an odd relationship. Julia first admits that she loves Winston; he thinks at first that Julia is a spy. Although they have not spoken to each other for a long time, they know they love each other through their attitudes towards the Party. Winston and Julia both despise the Party and believe that they should all be able to express emotions freely. They both want to rebel and be "bad" within their limits. Obviously they are both rebellious and want to do the opposite of whatever the party does, but Julia is extremely realistic.  The narrator even mentions that "She had never heard of the Brotherhood, and refused to believe in its existence" (Orwell 144). Julia does not believe that there can be any organization that freely rebels the Party, since the Party has complete power over all the citizens. The Party will do their best to vanish people who are causing a harm to their society. I think that their relationship will obviously have to come to an end when they are caught by the police. Their actions are completely against laws, and even if they meet secretly, there are tele screens everywhere. Thus, no one can be trusted.


The Less: The Better.

The party always announces that the ration of food and products have been decreased. They later change their negative news to positive news. In order to reduce the amount of change, I created this propaganda to brainwash the citizens. If the citizens think that the less amount of something is better, they will not complain about smaller rations. For example, the chocolate ration was reduced to 20 pieces. Using this propaganda,the citizens will never complain because they will believe less chocolate is better. This propaganda portrays objects that are reduced to smaller rations.

Important Quotes from Chapters 4-8

Chapter 4: “It was as though they were intentionally stepping nearer to their graves. As he sat waiting on the edge of the bed he thought again of the cellars of the Ministry of Love” (153)

Chapter 5: “To know that it was there, inviolate, was almost the same as being in it” (164)

Chapter 6: “The conspiracy that he had dreamed of did exist, and he had reached the outer edges of it.”

Chapter 7:“The proles are human beings,’ he said aloud. ‘We are not human.” (179)

Chapter 8: “O’Brien nodded without appearance of surprise. ‘In the place where there is no darkness,’ he said”(192)

Summary For "Orwell's '1984' Becoming a Reality in Modern-Day America"

This article talk about how America will potentially turn into a society of the one represented in "1984."  Michael Payne, the author of the article, believes that our world is becoming like the society because of Perpetual war, Public mind contol, and Pervasive government and voiding of civil rights. First, America is constantly in war with other countries, and citizens are now believing that we are in war because we want to protect our freedom. The government is controlling our mind and mking us believe that we must always be aware of attacks after the 9/11 incident. The government is also breaking the Constitution and watching the actions of th citzens, just like the telesceen.

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