Secret Service Project

By: Raza K.

The Secret Service Project is when you help people by doing 1 thing daily. What I did was helped my mom around the house, helped my brother with his chores, helped an elementary student with his homework, cleaned my mom's car, helped my dad around the house, drew my brother a picture, and read to my brother. I did one of these daily.

This impacted my family in many ways. In fact, my family wasn't in a bad mood for the whole week since I finished my Secret Service Project. Also, they were even kinder towards me. They probably knew it was me, since my brother couldn't do it because he was too small. It made me happy to see they were happy.

The project impacted me in a good way because I was happy after I did it. Also, I felt confident in myself because I did these things. When I saw my family react to what I did, I felt like a good person. The project has inspired me to always be positive about myself and others.

My conclusion is that this project is a good way to be nice to others, and to never be negative. I believe this project has inspired me to be positive towards others, even if they are people you dislike. It also taught me the importance of happiness. The project made me a better person than I ever was before.

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see" -Mark Twain

Watch as this man stops and gives someone a helping hand.

So if you see anybody, anything, in need of help, DON'T hesitate to help them. Who knows, you might make their day, and maybe, just maybe, if YOU are having a bad day, helping them will cheer you up.

Tackk by Raza K.