Gupta Empire

"India's Golden Age"

golden age- a time in a culture's history where there is peace and prosperity, there are many great cultral contributions.

The Mariah Empire failed, thus began the Gupta Empire. In 320 A.D. the third Gupta king, Chandra Gupta I, is given credit for founding the empire, though it is not clear whether this year marks the accession of Chandra Gupta or the year his empire achieved full independent status. The Gupta Empire were greatly advanced in mathematics and contributed techniques that we use today such as the concept of zero, arabic numerals, and the decimal system. The ancient Indians contributed games and sports such as playing cards, chess, and polo.

The Gupta Empire however did not last. The Hephthalites, invaded around 480, the empire's resistance was ineffective. The
iHepthalites took over the tributary states in the northwest and  pushed
into Gupta-controlled territory. Around 520 the Gupta Empire was but just
a small kingdom, forced to pay tribute to their conquerors. By the mid-sixth
century the Gupta Empire was forgotten entirely.

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