2050's Worldview

A day in the life of a teenager....

David R. Alexander III


7:00am - Get woken up.

7:10am - Eat breakfast, call parents.

7:30am - Take bullet train to school, talk with friends.

8:00am - Arrive at school, classes begin.

9:00am - Exam (that was skipped).

10:00am - Relax outside with friends.

12:00pm - Eat lunch.

12:30pm - Pondering time.

3:15pm - Leave school, listen to music.

6:00pm - Video games, chat online with friends.

7:30pm - Eat dinner, more video games.

9:30pm - Stand in line for the newest, most advanced video game.

10:00pm - Fall asleep.


7:00am – Risen only by a craving for communication, my bed props me up while I turn on my Apple iPhone 10. Friends of mine in Italy, India, and Australia are online, so I verbally record a message to send in a group chat. Feeling completely connected and ready to face the day, I put in my headphones and take the elevator downstairs.

7:10am – Greeted by the voice system on the 2nd floor, I accept a video request from my Mother and take out a slice of leftover pizza to eat for breakfast. Mother was in China for a business trip, while my Father was part of an initiation to research any signs of life on Venus. Great-Grandpa David (a hologram my father created to honor his father) was supervising our home for a few months, as I see him glaring at me as he regretfully beams my backpack to school. Great-Grandpa David was strongly opposed to technology, which I (David III) believed was completely ridiculous. Our world has positively changed significant amounts over the years due to the ideas of our generation. Technology has advanced us so far in Edmonton that I find it impossible to use paper. Environmentally, computers do not waste as many scraps, but we no longer have a forest to use anyway. Studies have shown that there are few trees left on Earth, and that many have been demolished over the past 50 years.

7:30am – After discovering that my father has not gathered more evidence on Venus, a slight grin slides across my face. Still hasn’t improved the investigation… wow. I could do so much more than him if I had the chance… I thought. Mornings were the only time I could independently brainstorm my ideas, as Great-Grandpa David was constantly quizzing me on science terms for my quiz today, ironically marking 100 years since he had his last important science final. Advice I would never take, I ignored him and climbed into the bullet train in my room and shot toward school. Great-Grandpa can clean up the house; I’m not obligated to.

8:00am – Once at school, I lounge around by my first class with a few of my friends. We make plans to travel to Australia together over winter break, then agree to meet up for delicious hamburgers at lunch. I saunter into class a few minutes late, but no one seems to care (nor do they ever). My teacher, Mrs. Avery, hands me a twenty-page exam on entomology: I hadn’t a clue as to what entomology was. Scribbling down minor thoughts about each question, I wink at my friend who soon joins me, and we sit outside and have a smoke. We laugh about how ludicrous tests are, and how it shouldn’t be important for our futures.

9:00am – My friend soon left for his next class, but I decided to stay outside until period 4. Vibrating right through a torn seam in my sweatpants, I unlock my phone to see my mother scowling at me through the screen. I was asked if I had legitimately taken the test, or if I abandoned it to smoke. I politely explained to her that I had reached a level of maturity, and that I could handle myself in school. Cutting her off, I hang up the phone and toss it at a crooked wire on the electric fence beside me. Rules were the bane of my existence; I needed to become my own person and escape all the annoyances of my family.

10:00am – Enthusiastically thrilled for my next class, I tied my long, shaggy blonde hair back into a bun and bolted for the gym. Our computer system alerted us we’d be studying teleportation for the current semester! Animated and overflowing with delight, I pull out my now-cracked iPhone and update my Facebook status to “Teleportation, here I come!” Within seconds, people from Africa, Europe… basically all around the world were posting comments about me! It was the ultimate sensation I had craved for my whole 15 years on earth: fame and fortune.

12:00pm – Lunch finally rolled around after basic teleportation studies, and I met up with my best friends Lacey and Jon for a brief, well-earned meal at McDonald’s. Blasting techno-rap music, we cruise around Edmonton, waving at less-fortunate people walking down the streets. A sense of arrogance washed over me whenever my friends were around: I succumb very readily to peer pressure and allow myself to get out of hand sometimes. This is not a value I would be willing to possess over a “nerd” any day.

12:30pm – Each year, Edmonton has a program where students are allowed to choose their own classes for a month, this year’s month being December. People who were completely devoted to their religion took advanced religion classes that were taught by holograms of the past. People devoted to sports would take an advanced athletics class with the best in the world (which sometimes meant travelling across the world to watch the best play). I was taking a technology class which focused specifically on video games/video game design. My family wasn't particularly pleased with my decision, however, no family living in this generation approves of their children's lifestyles. There was also an environmental class, but few joined due to the lack of vegetation we have in Edmonton.

3:15pm – I breathe a deep sigh as another day of ignoring classes came to a close. Leaving all my incomplete papers in my locker, I catch the bullet train and listen to music all the way home.

6:00pm – Hours of video games and music rolling by, this is how I like to spend my endless hours of free time. Call of Duty 15 is being released at 9:30pm tonight, and I plan to be first in line to receive the first copy. Video game companies have really prospered over the years, causing a boost in Edmonton’s economy. Statistics have shown that children follow instructions significantly more superior than in previous years, and I believe this is caused solely by video games. I worship video game designers and hope to become one during later years of my life.

7:30pm – Dinner arrived at 7:30pm; late as always. Great-Grandpa David constantly grumbled about the excessive amount of work during his era, allowing his hologram to do the same. I have never understood the generations before me: all work, no play. Nothing was for fun, everything so deliberate and meaningful. Being a child and having fun was not top priority like it is today: and I will never understand why. Pondering the thoughts of many passing generations, I sat quietly in my room while eating a dinner of genetically altered vegetables.

9:30pm – Akin to the everlasting line of people yesterday, today was just as packed at the video game store. An overwhelming amount of women in line, I realized how females had adapted to the “male” activity of video games. Gaming has evolved over the years and has become 100% more engaging and demands you to act as if you were in the game. Call of Duty 15 is the pilot for this new brand of interactive games, and I don’t want to miss out on the newest trend!

10:00pm – Greeted by Great-Grandpa David’s hologram, I allow the bathroom machines to assist me in washing up and getting ready for bed. I knew I wouldn’t be asleep for hours: my new video game is very enticing and addicting! Immersing myself in a dream come true, I imagine myself in the army. Doing deeds to better society rather than to better myself. However, the feeling passes suddenly when my light turns off, not to come on again until I wake in the morning. Bracing my shoulders, I continue to play in the dark, assisting me to get ready to repeat today in tomorrow’s setting. I soon drift off to an un-interuppted slumber.

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