Automotive Engineering


The work of an automotive engineer breaks down into three categories:

Design:  Designing new products and improving existing ones
Research and Development:  Finding solutions to engineering problems
Production:  Planning and designing new production processes

Automotive engineers are devoted to creating the fastest, coolest sports cars that money can buy.

Required Skills

You will need to have a strong interest in engineering and design. You will also need excellent Math and IT skills and the ability to work in a team. Most employers will prefer you to have an engineering-related qualification. Previous experience in motor mechanics or engineering design could be an advantage when looking for work.

Educational Requirements

Training begins with a four-year bachelor's degree from a college or university.  This is the basic requirement for an entry-level position.  While obtaining a bachelor's degree, students usually take classes in other fields like Physics, Math, Design and Computer Science.  The University of Texas at Austin offers a degree in Automotive Engineering.


In 2011, automotive engineers earned an average income of $117,600. This was a 10 percent increase from the 2010 median salary of $107,000, according to SAE International.  Engineers with 0-5 years experience can expect to make less than this.

Future Outlook

You have to have strong Math and technology skills to get into automotive engineering. You will have to have classes in Computer Science and CAD drafting as well.   There will always be a need for automotive engineers and there is a large job market available, although getting your foot in the door may be challenging.  There are literally tens of thousands of automotive engineering jobs available in the US.  There is a 5 percent increase in jobs expected from now through 2022, which is a below the average growth rate for jobs.


  • Health Insurance
  • Retirement Plan
  • 401K Plan
  • Vacation & Paid Time Off

Similar Careers

Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical Engineering is very similar to Automotive Engineering and a lot of the same classes must be taken.

Why Does this Career Choice Interest me?

I have always liked cars and solving real world problems.



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