Our current tech reality has had its influence in the way we enjoy books. Nowadays, the students that are attending our class are proficient in technologies and, sometimes, they find it more difficult to use resources on paper than on the media. This situation requires changes in our methodologies and aims to find a dynamic way of teaching that fits with our students' minds. One of these gradual steps can be the incorporation of interactive ebooks to foster student participation and content acquisition.

The example of an ebook that accomplish most of the features we are looking for is "Fractions" by Aleksandra Andonoska:

License: CC BY-NC-SA

The content is introduced in a fun way that fosters students' motivation to learn about fractions. Also, it is focused on repetition to let the children to memorize and achieve a deep understanding. From our point of view as teachers, the content is organized and clarified in the index so it makes it easier to plan the lessons.

If we analyze the form of this ebook, we realize that it is presented in a very attractive way with bright colour pictures and diagrams. However the attributions of the pictures are not available.

As a matter of fact, this is one of the best examples of an interactive ebook we've found. It's full of links to videos, stories and tasks and it is accessible to everybody. As a way of improvement, ways of assessing each task should be attached.


The second ebook that we are going to evaluate is "Tell me about India", written and illustrated by Tabita Abraham.

This ebook is the example of a non-interactive resource. It doesn't provide any links or tasks so it is just like a traditional textbook available on the internet. However, the content is completely original which adds an important creative value to the ebook. Also, if we want to teach about the culture as one of the 4 Cs of CLIL, this ebook present, in a very attractive way, some significant features of the Indian society.

If we analyze the form of this ebook, we realize that it is presented in a very attractive way with bright colour pictures. Also the language utilized to tell the story is by using rhymes that allows children to get their ears ready for language acquisition.

As a conclusion, despite this ebook can't be considered a multimedia and interactive resource, it has other important features that should be appreciated.


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