Rudolph Valentino

"A man should control his life, Mine is controlling me."

1920s Actor

Rudolph Valentino was born May 16, 1895 in Castellaneta, Puglia, Italy. He was an Italian actor, and a sex symbol, known as the "Latin Lover". He stared in many well known movies from the 1920s such as Blood and Sand and Beyond the Rocks. He was one of the lead rolls in each of these movies. He came over the the United States on December 23, 1913 and age 18. When Valentino first arrived in the US he was very poor and had to spend a while on the streets until he found a job as a taxi dancer at Maxims. In 1917 Rudolph joined a operetta that went to Utah. He joined other groups from there and ended up in Los Angeles. His film was the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He entered into the Metro Film company in 1921. He joined Mineralava Dance Tour. He was married twice. On August 15, 1926 Rudolph fell to the ground at Hotel Ambassador. He was in the hospital for days after that, and they tried to treat him, but nothing would work. He went into a coma and died on August 23, 1926.