My Values Of Life

People value many different things in life. Some people value money, clothes, etc... 


I value my family. I value my family because they are important to me. They always been their for me and always will. They help me out with anything I need. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them.  


I value life. I value my life because you'd never know when its goanna get taken from you. One minute you could be laughing then a second later you could be dead. Many people take life for granted.


I value money. Money is important to me because without money how are you goanna support yourself. You need money to live you're life. You cant pay bills without money. If you don't have a scholar to go to school Then you have to pay money for it. And if you don't have money then you cant go to collage.


I value my health. I value my heath because I don't have any diseases. Some people are in the hospital fighting cancer and other diseases. I'm just living life without any of those problems. If I had bad health I'll probably be in and out the hospital all the time and not out living life.


I value food a lot. I value food because without  food I would die. Some people don't get to eat food cause they are poor. Or homeless. There are many people who has to live in shelters and eat at the soup kitchens.

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