What is Wind?

Wind is a breeze with high pressure and low pressure. It can be rainy when wind is blowing. That can make a hurricanes.

What Causes Wind?

Wind is caused by heating and cooling of the earth. The wind moves in circles because the earth rotates.

What is The Jet Stream?

A jet stream is an air current that moves west to east. The jet stream can be really lumpy because the cold and warm air mass can push on the jet stream. The jet stream is strongest in winter.

What are Global Wind Patterns?

Global wind patterns are the region of the earth receiving the heat from the sun in the equator. They are six belts of the world.

What are Prevailing Westerlies?

The prevailing Westerlies are winds that move west to east. They are between 30 and 60 degrees latitude.

What is a Sea Breeze?

Sea breeze blows from sea to land. They come during the day because of the warmth of the land so the warm air rises from land then turns to cold air.

What is a Land Breeze?

A land breeze goes from land to sea. During the night based on the warmth of the sea the warm air rises then cold sinks to the land.

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