Learning to Teach
Day 24: Stations and Coming Back

So today was my first day back from the PAMLE conference, where I presented with my Professor to about 45 educators and administrators of middle level students in the state of Pennsylvania. Today's lesson went well I thought over all. My host teacher just had to finish up her lecture from the day before which went well. I adjusted the way I introduced the next part of the unit the students would be working on. I start with a quick stretch break since the last thing in the lecture was about yoga. Then I had the students get a computer and take a socrative quiz about their knowledge about drugs and things they would learn through the stations the next few days. It was a bit tough to get them started on secretive but once they got the hang of it, everything went well.

My host teacher brought to my attention how the students, while it seemed to be that they were enjoying the stations, the students were not enjoying the stations as much. One reason was that I did not give them enough time to complete the tasks (which any student will say). They also wanted more than just working on their own, they needed more interaction. I definitely will be adjusting that for my future lessons.

I know that I can get hung up on one thing for a while which is something I need to change in myself. Some of it is that I don't feel myself as secure in the content. Because of that I changed the next unit of study that we will be learning about in class, because I feel more comfortable with that topic than the previous one planed. To get over a fear you need to confront it and overcome it, except spiders.

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