Boy Scouts of America

By: Kyle Clark

The Boy Scouts of America was created in Febuary 8, 1910 by Robert Baden- Powell.

The boy scouts of america is one of the largest youth orginizations in the united states. There are over 2.7 million active youth members and 1 million adult volunters. there have been over 110 million kids in boy scouts in the united states.' The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was the first sponsor of the BSA and today contributes the most Scouts of any chartered organization.' The boy scouts is funded by membership dues, corporate sponsers.

The B.S.A headquarters is located in Irvine Texas.  The Boy Scouts of America helps young boys
with many skills that they may use in their future. They learn many different skills
such as First aid, camping, cooking, and many others. Also the B.S.A. rewards
the youth of the achievements they have accomplished. The highest achievement a
boy can earn is the Eagle Scout. There are over 2 million eagle scout since the
first one in 1912. They Boy scouts is one of the biggest nonprofit
organizations in the united states. They help kids achieve many goals and they
have a lot of fun. The B.S.A. has many fun trips such as the National jamboree,
skiing, and different camping trips.

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